Crown Packaging Corp. Enhances Service in Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee


Crown Packaging Corp. is recognized as a leading provider of packaging solutions, delivering supplies, equipment, and premium services including onsite consultation by their dedicated packaging specialists.

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In order to better serve businesses in the Knoxville metro area and across the eastern Tennessee region, Crown Packaging is hiring additional specialized staff such as Ken Cabezas, a packaging specialist with over 20 years of experience. Ken has expertise with many categories of packaging solutions, including equipment and protective packaging systems.

The addition of Ken Cabezas is in response to Crown’s growing customer base in the region which includes top medical and pharmaceutical companies and a number of the area’s leading manufacturers.

Matt Layer, regional branch manager of Crown Packaging’s Tennessee locations, shared why adding more packaging specialists to their roster is so important.

“At Crown, it’s all about helping the customer solve problems,” stated Layer.  “We work with our clients to determine the best way to improve their packaging operation, whether that means helping them reduce expenses by switching to more cost-effective supplies, increasing efficiency through automation – the solution is tailored for the organization’s specific needs.  Adding a packaging expert like Ken will help us continue to deliver the best packaging solutions to companies in east Tennessee.”

Learn more about how Crown Packaging supports Tennessee businesses by bundling packaging products and services into customized solutions.

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